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Director of Continuous Improvement and Lean Ref DCI/896/22 - DCI/896/22

Aerospace Operations Director - OD/811x/20

Cost Planner CP/687/22 - CP/687/22

Head of Civil Design & Engineering HCDE/445/21 - HCDE/445/21

Commercial Lead CL/445/21 - CL/445/21

Programme Director PDr/445/21 - PDr/445/21

Head of Sales - Ireland Ref: HOSI/896/21 - HOSI/896/21

Head of Sales - UK Ref: HOSUK/896/21 - HOSUK/896/21

Group Finance Director GFD/896/21 - GFD/896/21

Group Operations Director GOD/896/21 - GOD/896/21